What are the issues to consider when building a new home versus buying an existing home?

When building a new home, you have a great deal of control over what the home will be like. You can work with the designer to create the layout and features of the home and select materials and decor. In addition, you can take advantage of newer technology and create a more energy efficient home. Everything is new and repairs and maintenance will less likely be needed. There is "pride of ownership" with a house that you helped to create and it is more likely to be a much better fit for your lifestyle and interests.

However, with an existing home, you can move in sooner and you know exactly what the home will look and feel like. In most cases the landscaping is more mature and you may need to do less work to finish the home. Ultimately, you will have fewer decisions to make.

What is community life like in Anguilla?

As a developing nation, Anguilla's community life is expanding rapidly. The island enjoys world-class telecommunications services and a growing infrastructure that includes public and private physicians, internationally accredited medical and dental facilities as well as public and private educational institutions at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels.

There are many social and sporting clubs and events as well as activities for the entire family that enhance the quality of life on Anguilla. A world class tennis facility, a sailing school, dance and theatre groups, music programs, book clubs, continuing education classes, fine arts programs, beautification and environmental clubs, photography clubs, swimming programs, fitness centres, spa and wellness facilities, civic clubs, organized sports leagues (cricket, soccer, basketball, baseball, netball, volleyball) as well as a number of church groups will certainly provide interesting fun-filled activities for you and your family.

In addition, Anguilla's proximity to its neighboring islands allows residents to enjoy day trips to St. Martin, Sint Maarten and St. Barths.


We've heard that Anguilla is a very good island for investment. Is that true?

Anguilla offers several advantages for property investment:

Political stability

  • Anguilla's legal and institutional framework is modern, practical, flexible and efficient.
  • The country's role as an offshore finance centre is supported by the international community.
  • United Kingdom overseas territory with a democratic, military-less form of government.


Economic Stability and Reduced Taxes

  • Low fees and no income, corporate, inheritance or sales tax;
  • No currency exchange controls;
  • Statutory guarantees against the imposition of taxes.


Easier Property Management

  • English is the official language.
  • Completely reliable notary and Public Registry system.
  • Judicial and economic security, and public safety.


Expanding Real Estate Sector

  • Major number of new developments oriented towards all social classes.
  • Highly desirable location, paired with good architectural quality and solid construction.
  • Spectacular increase in the demand of properties by foreign investors.
  • Ideal country to retire to, and in which to live, invest or to simply spend a few weeks of vacation and rest.


World Class Tourism Facilities and Projects

  • Developing upscale tourism market.
  • Tax exemption.
  • Great opportunities for tapping into unexplored tourist resources.

We've never been to Anguilla but we want to buy land and build a house there. What are our first steps?

Our best advice would be to visit Anguilla and experience and get a feel for our island and community life for several weeks or months before you decide to buy land and invest in a home here. Talk to other home owners and ask them about their experience with purchasing land, etc.

Don't make quick decisions just because you fall in love with the island. We certainly understand if you come to love Anguilla and its way of life as much as we do, but we want you to be absolutely sure. We will provide you with all the information necessary to make an informed and confident decision about one of the most important investments you will make in your life.
If after you have lived among us for a while you decide that Anguilla is indeed the place for you, then we can walk you through all the next steps to making your dreams a reality.

How long will it take to build my new home?

Each project varies in size and scope but our suggested guideline is that you allocate 12 months after groundbreaking for construction of a moderate size home from start to finish.

Do you re-use your floor plans? Will my home be unique?

Each Sunset Homes home is as unique as its owner. We do not re-use any of our floor plans. Our specialty is to design homes in collaboration and close consultation with with our clients.  We listen to your needs and dreams and we act as your guide through the intricacies of the design process. We believe in designing homes that respond well to the specific desires of the homeowner and the specifics of each home site.

The Sunset Homes team is led by Architectural Designer/Property Developer, Ian "Sugar George" Edwards and also includes several professional architects and project managers who will ensure that your home is unique and reflects your personal style.

What range of services can you provide?

As a multidisciplinary company, we offer a range of services in several departments:

  • Architectural Services (Conceptual Design, Construction Drawings, Renderings, Model Creation)
  • Property Development Services
  • Project Management Services
  • Building Construction Services and Management
  • Project Consultancy Services

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What comparative strengths do you offer investors/ homeowners?

Sunset Homes has a proven track record for quality design and construction. Our projects represent some of Anguilla’s top real estate developments. We have built a solid reputation for providing unmatched and trustworthy client services and offering dynamic and efficient business operations. As the recognized leader in developing and incorporating modern concepts and technologies in all of our projects , we offer the unique blend of local expertise and international orientation and discernment.

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How many years have you been in business?

Sunset Homes has been in operation on Anguilla since 1997. The managing directors, Ian "Sugar George" Edwards and his wife Janine have operated companies which have had success over the years in a variety of construction projects in Montserrat and Anguilla. Sunset Homes specializes in property development of prime locations. Additionally, Sunset Homes designs hallmark residential and commercial properties and executes the construction drawings for the projects right through to the various Government approvals.

George" is an accomplished artist, craftsman and master builder. He creates designs with the practicality of an experienced builder, the attention to detail of a craftsman, and the vision of an artist. He is a highly professional Architectural Designer as well as a Design/Builder and General Contractor. With his background in home construction, remodeling and restoration, he has an excellent understanding of the relationships between custom home design and construction, from the most practical aspects to the fine aesthetic details.

Are there additional costs to consider outside the building costs?

Depending on the size and scope of your project, the following lists some of the costs that you can expect in addition to the building costs:

  • Structured wiring (Smart Home Systems eg Crestron, Lutron)
  • Access to infrastructure (electricity, water, telephone, cable and in some cases roads).
  • FFAs (Furnishings, Fixtures and Appliances)
  • Landscaping and landscape works including walls/fences, driveway, water and other landscape design features and irrigation.
  • Security systems.

How do you incorporate my individual style into the design and building process?
Sunset Homes designers and architects focus on delivering your dream home - one that integrates your individual style into the overall design of the home. Our strength is knowing how to listen carefully to your ideas and utilizing the insight to respond creatively with the custom tailored design that will best suit your dreams, tastes, lifestyle, and budget. We will involve you throughout the design and building process .

We welcome and embrace our client's desires. If you have a preferred style, we will work within that style. If you have not chosen a specific style, Sunset Homes will create an original design that embodies your personal taste and is enhanced by the homes surroundings. All designs are finally approved by you.  We produce complete, clear, and accurate construction plans for approval by the relevant Government departments.

How responsive and accountable is Sunset Homes in terms of customer service? Are your existing homeowners satisfied?

We'll let some of our clients answer this one: Read Clients' Testimonials